No more screws,
nails or timber

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The EzyProfile system is a new re-usable tool to replace the traditional profile system on the building site

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Re -Use it over and over again

The EzyProfile system is a light-weight, profile system made of aluminium, heavy duty plastics and fibreglass. It is extremely easy to use with a number of sliders and screw fasteners to position everything where you need it.

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Light Weight and easy to transport

The EzyProfile System weighs in at just 23kg which includes 16 stakes, 8 profile rails, 2 tripod centre markers and much more in one easy to carry bag, perfect for moving from jobsite to jobsite.

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Use EzyProfile anywhere

The EzyProfile can be used on all types of sites  whether they are flat, sloping, excavated faces, vertical or horizontal walls.

You can even drill them into rock or concrete!

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The tool for everybody

The EzyProfile System is designed by a builder for builders, concretors ,surveyors ,civil engineers and contractors, plumbers (for slab set outs) and many more with a wide range of applications.

Check out the videos on how to use the EzyProfile System and buy yours online today.

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The Ezy Profile System

The 3-4-5 System

The EzyProfile 3-4-5 System is an accessory to the EzyProfile System for the specific use of finding the second reference point on a site.

Using the old 3-4-5 rule of Pythagoras theorem, the EzyProfile 3-4-5 System allows a single operator to calculate 90 degrees from their single reference point.

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